fotografija ivan posavec

An architect, graduated from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of architecture. In a sequence of a typologically different/varied realizations, particularly stands out in the field of interior architecture design. active researcher of a full-scale, integral approach to the designing an interior, combines anthropological aspects of an experience and sense of the interior, with the mathematical precision of articulation of all the project elements. explores the concept of transformability and total-design by dealing with the technology, form and details. intensively examines history of design and acts as the product designer in her own interior design projects.

Publishes her work in the professional publications and participates in exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, writes series of articles on product design.

Professionally actively present with a series of architectural realizations, most acclaimed being interior design of the Adris Group headquarters in Zagreb and Rovinj, the apartments in house Šuflaj in the historic old town Zagreb and house Lebinac in Zagreb, and the interiors of houses in Novakova street and Tuškanac in Zagreb, a pavilion Vila Propuh in Osijek, interiors of attorneys ’at law offices Divjak, Topić and Bahtijarević, Stančić Rokotov i Cirkveni and fashion salon Karibu. Recognised earlier projects from the collective work with Marko Murtić in AAG studio: interior of Podravka office, Werkos, Zagrebačka banka, Šalata house, Ribnjak apartment and collage concept store in Zagreb.

Awarded with a series of competition awards in the field of architecture and urbanism, as well as the awards for the built work, most acclaimed being: Bernardo Bernardi award 2017 for two projects – the interior project of the Adris group headquarters in Zagreb and for the interior design of the apartment in house Šuflaj. as a co-author, with Marko Murtić wins Bernardo Bernardi prize in 2003, for the Ribnjak apartment and in 2006 Slovenian biennale interior design award for the interior design of Podravka headquarters in Koprivnica.